Boozy Booze

Four Grain New-Old Fashioned $12-  Laws Four Grain Bourbon, muddled amarena cherry, orange slice and a sugar cube. Splashed with soda, stirred and poured over a cube.

Bear Creek Rye Manhattan $12-  Bear Creek Rye Whiskey, Cinzano Sweet Vermouth, dash of Angostura bitters. Up or on the rock?

Horsefeather $8.5-  Kinahans Irish Whiskey, bitters, ginger ale with a lemon twist.

Elyxr Cup $9-  Breckenridge vodka, muddled mint, cucumber and lime, simple, topped with bubbles.

Navy Negroni $9-  Leopold’s Navy Strength Gin, Contratto Bitters, Cinzano Sweet Vermouth and an orange twist.

Straw-Basil Bulleit $9-  Bulleit Bourbon, lemon juice and simple muddled with fresh strawberry and basil. Topped with soda

Sparkle-Bubble Fizz $8.5-  Contratto Apertif, lemon juice and simple. Topped with bubbles.

Scotch Bishop $11-  Laphroaig, Dry Vermouth, Triple Sec, simple and orange juice. Shaken, with a twist of orange.

Gin Drank $8.50- Woody Creek Gin, St. Germaine muddled with mint. Topped with grapefruit juice and soda. 

Sangria $8.50/$24 BOTTLE- Red and White Sangria blend. Our House recipe. Perfect for sharing on the patio!

Wine List


Frico Biano-  Cuvee, Italy        7/25 

Cannonball-  Sauvignon Blanc, CA    9/32  

True Grit-  Chardonnay, California    10/36


Charles & Charles-  Rose, Washington    8/29    


Honoro Vera-  Garnacha, Spain    7/25     

Block Nine-  Pinot Noir, California    9/32

High Note-  Melbec, Argentina        9/32  


Happy Leaf Kombucha- Cranberry Lavender N/A Denver, CO $5

Elevation 8 Second Kolsch 4.5%ABV Poncha Springs, CO $6

Black Shirt Red Saison 7.5%ABV Denver, CO $7

C Squared Ginger Cider 5.5%ABV Denver, CO $6

Sanitas Cherry Saison 5.5%ABV Boulder, CO $6

Prost Weissbier 4.5%ABV Denver, CO $5

Crooked Stave Surette 6.2%ABV Denver, CO 10oz $8

Platt Park Madagascar Dream 6.9%ABV Denver, CO $6

Ratio Dear You Saison 5.5%ABV Denver, CO $6

Telluride Russell Kelly Pale Ale 6%ABV Telluride, CO $6

Declaration Hard Tack Copper 5.2%ABV Denver, CO $6

Tommyknocker Blood Red IPA 6%ABV Idaho Springs, CO $6

Elevation First Cast IPA 6%ABV Poncha Springs, CO $6

Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin 7%ABV San Diego, CA $7

Station 26 Juicy Banger 7.4% Denver, CO $7

Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro 6%ABV Longmont, CO $6

Lord Hobo Boom Sauce 7.8%ABV Woburn, MA $9

La Cumbre Red Ryeot Rye Pale 7.2%ABV Albuquerque, NM $7

Ratio Rented World Session IPA 4.8% Denver, CO $6

Good River Gunny Black Lager 5.2% Denver, CO $6

Ratio Hold Steady NOVO 7.5%ABV Denver, CO $7

Great Divide Yeti Imperial Stout 9.5%ABV Denver, CO 10oz. $7

Coors Banquet 5%ABV Brewed ONLY in Golden, CO $5

Tommyknocker Rootbeer $2.5

**** All Beers subject to change based on season and availability******


Bottles & Cans

PBR $3

Mickeys Hand Grenade $4

Modelo $4

Coors Light $4

Budweiser $4

Budlight $4

Miller High Life $4

Corona $5

Pacifico $5

Stella $5

Glider Cider $6

Omission Pale Ale $6

Dry Dock Apricot Blonde $5

Tommyknocker Maple Nut Brown $5

Coors NA (Nonalcoholic) $4

Tommyknocker Rootbeer $2.5


Brunch Cocktails

Bloody Mary $5  Your choice: Mary with Vodka, Maria with Tequila, Rough Mary with Whiskey.  Salted rim and garnished with olive, lil sweetie peppers and a lime.  Ask server about adding a pickled egg and pepper mason jar.

Same ol’ Mimosa $5  Bubbles and orange juice.

Sorbet Mimosa $8 (only available during brunch, 10am-2pm Saturdays and Sundays)  Bubbles, your choice:  Raspberry or Passionfruit sorbet and splash of OJ.

CO Bellini $8  Bubbles, Leopold’s Peach Liquer and OJ

Beer-Mosa $4  Coors Banquet and a splash of OJ.  Ask server about adding sorbet during brunch hours.

Great Dane $6  Woody Creek Gin, Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice shaken and served with a salted rim and a cucumber.

Breakfast of Champions $6  Mickey’s hand grenade and a shot of Benchmark Bourbon, chased with a shot of our Homemade Gravy.. Because, why not?

Bourbon Sunshine $7  Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Cointreau, Angostura bitters, orange bitters splashed with bubbles.

Irish Breakfast $7  Kinahans Irish Whiskey, Butterscotch schnapps chased with OJ and a slice of whiskey glazed bacon.